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Increase Business By 200% or More By Accepting Credit Cards.  Plus... 


"For a Limited Time Only!"

Welcome to Virtual Merchant, the one product you need for accepting credit cards worldwide, over the Internet.  If you are doing business in the information age, Virtual Merchant allows you to make the most of every opportunity and maximize your profit potential.
  • You Are Pre-Approved: Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit... It doesn't Matter!  You will be Approved!
  • Start Boosting Your Sales by 200% or More and Increase Customer Confidence By Accepting Credit Cards!
  • Credit Card Customers Spend 250% More than Non Credit Customers on Average!
  • Direct Deposit To Your Bank Account within 48 hours!
  • Check Guarantee Services Also Available!
  • Secure Online Ordering, or Retail Terminals All Available! 

The difference between traditional merchant accounts and the Virtual Merchant Program is huge!  With Virtual Merchant, everything is automatic.  Whatever you want to sell online, the sale is made instantly.  If you want to give a customer paid access to a certain web page, the customer can pay and be taken right to that site instantly when their credit card clears.  That process normally takes about 15 seconds.  With other services, you have to get the information by e-mail and then you have to enter the credit card information manually to finalize the sale.  If you miss your e-mail, you miss a sale.  AND... you have to be there to get it.  There is no way to give instant access to a customer.  The advantages of Virtual Merchant are endless.  You can even make a credit card sale from another city just by finding any computer with Internet access.  Your laptop, perhaps!
You Can Be Accepting Credit Cards From Your Computer!

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Specific Information About Our Services and Prices
Application Fee: FREE - We pay your application fee!
Acceptance Rate: 98%
Percentage Rate: 2.25% Internet, Telephone and Mail Order Sales.
Transaction Fee: $.20 per transaction
Monthly Statement Fee: $10 per month
Customer Support Hours: 24 hours
Virtual Merchant Program Leasing:
You will be provided with a state of the art web based "Virtual Terminal". You may accept credit cards and checks online or over the phone. The cost: $59.95/month. 48 months. (You maintain ownership after term) It is 100% tax deductible. 
Funds Transfer:
After you are approved, the bank will open a merchant account for you at no charge. Funds from all sales you make will be automatically totaled for you and automatically transferred directly to your business checking account in 48hrs.
Application Approval:
The entire process from start to finish will take about 10-14 days. So why not apply right now?

  • Non U.S. Merchants: Click Here!

    • Just complete this application form and a representative will call you to begin to set up your account for you. 
    • After you submit your application, you might like to learn how you can profit from being a Virtual Merchant Agent with a FREE web site just like this one. Just return to this page and click the link at the bottom of this page.
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