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This is just a partial listing to get you started. There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming. Time is important and though I am not a doctor yet, I must insist you get your doctor to answer all your questions. Get second, and even third opinions and do your best to get treatment at an actual Brain Tumor Center. I will be adding more links as time goes by.

Links to Brain Tumor Sites and Information

When a person receives a diagnosis of a brain tumor, the first thing to do is GET INFORMED. Below are some of the best sources of information on the net.
One of the best survival tools is a strong support system. Sharing information with others who are going through the same journey is crucial. Remember that NOBODY can predict how long a person will live and doctors are NOT GOD. It is very important to know what the statistics are when dealing with a brain tumor but there ARE survivors and there ARE new treatments being made available all the time. Stay informed. Put on your battle gear and you fight for your life. I once heard a brain tumor survivor declare that she had a brain tumor, the tumor did NOT have HER.

   NEW-- H. Lee Moffitt Cancer/Reseach Center--FUTURE HOME OF THE FRED HILL BRAIN TUMOR FOUNDATION!!!! Details forthcoming.

   Al Musella's Virtual Trials:
     This site lists all the latest info regarding clinical trials throughout the world.  It          
     also has links to support group information as well as online support groups.

   The Healing Exchange Brain Trust T.H.E.BRAIN TRUST (includes the
     BRAINTMR list)

   MEMORIAL-SLOAN-KETTERING Memorial-Sloan-Kettering Hospital has an
     overview of Brain Tumors:


   Anderson Network 1-800-345-6324 (To talk with another patient with the
     same diagnosis)

   CANCER INFORMATION SERVICE 1-800-4-CANCER For up-to-date cancer
     information--literature and/or counseling

   Brain Maps and Functions
   A Guide to Brain Anatomy

   Atlas of the Brain

   Brain Anatomy

   National Cancer Institute's CancerNet

   University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's Treatment Research

   Cancer Care

Home Pages of Glioblastoma (GBM) Patients

Lori Hansen:               

Matt Fullerton dx 9/87:

David Bailey dx 7/96:         
Lana Z. dx 1/93    

Carrie Burchardt-Pharr dx 9/98:

Rose Frers dx 6/99:

Don Flint dx 7/99:

Lesley Baldauf dx 8/99:

Michael Norton dx 1/00:

Margaret Gray dx 4/00:

Home Pages of Those With Other Types of Brain Tumors

Bob Conneely dx 1984:

Ed Nugent dx 3/93:

Terri Brookes (age 9) dx 7/93:

Carty Fox:

Home Pages Of Children Fighting Brain Tumors

Jessica Waterford (age 7) dx 1998:

Gareth Brandon (age 3) dx infantile desmoplastic ganglioglioma 5/97:

Zach Pierce (age 11) dx cerebellum astrocytoma 1994:

Memorial Pages

Alannah Kathryn McKay:

Ed Robinson dx 6/99:

John Lyons :

Jeanne Tomlinson:

Kristen Kenzig (age 10)

Richard Karpf dx 7/96, (deceased. 10/98):  

Bereavement List Memorial Links: